Guyanese by birth and Haitian through marriage makes for an interesting mix of cultural diversity. My multi ethnic roots have allowed me to appreciate and incorporate flavors and techniques in my kitchen for my family and friends to enjoy over the last 27 years. I am a proud mixture of Chinese, Indian, Portaguese and African-Guyanese ancestry. I was raised among great home cooks who all valued the pleasure of nurturing a family and creating memories in the kitchen and around the dining table. When I married my husband and we moved to Haiti, I began to experience new flavors and techniques in cooking. I love to use local ingredients and infuse them with my culinary insight to make my own recipes.Food is life, food is love, food is comfort. I am not professionally trained in culinary arts but I consider myself a home cook with great experience.My food has strong traces of my Asian influences and is a fusion of Caribbean flavors and Haitian spices.